Why You Need TotalView for Debugging Multithreaded Programs

Meeting the rigorous requirements of HPC development requires tools designed for applications with hundreds of millions of lines of code — and extensive parallelism and concurrency. Get the comprehensive C, C++, and Fortran debugging tools features you need with TotalView.

Advanced Thread Control

Stop and debug an individual thread or groups of threads or processes.


One to Many Threads

Easily view and debug an HPC job's threads and processes.

Different Types of Technologies

Debug pthreads and OpenMP, C++, Qt, and more.

The following table shows why TotalView is the leading HPC debugger for complex, multithreaded applications:



Basic Debuggers

Breakpoints and source display
Command line interface
Memory debugging
Reverse debugging
Full control over all process threads
Debugging two or more processes simultaneously
Graphical display of array data
Debugging C++ code with heavy template use
Complex data structure insight
Use Barrier points to synchronize threads
Dynamically insert new code down to the thread level with evaluation points

“We rely on TotalView for all of our parallel debugging needs.”

David Gunter, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Parallel Tools Team

Watch a Multithreaded Program Debugging Session

See how easy it is to analyze and control threads, and set thread-level breakpoints, using TotalView.

Image Mockup White Paper Transitioning Multicore Development Part 1 & 2

Multi-Core and Multithreaded Program Development

Transitioning applications to run on multicore systems is easier with an advanced debugger that can give you big-picture and detailed views of multithreaded, highly parallel code. 

Download this two-part white paper — Transitioning to Multicore (Part 1) and Transitioning to Multicore Development Part 2 — to improve your application’s performance. 

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