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Global universities and colleges use TotalView to:


Debug HPC Code

That supports multi-discipline research.

Teach Debugging

To people who work on HPC applications.

Learn How HPC Code Works

Go forward and backward through live code.

Boost Collaboration

With remote access and multi-site licenses.

Improve ROI

With fast adoption and research efficiency.

Meet Budget Constraints

With shared licenses and discounts.

Universities Choose TotalView for More than Just HPC Fault Isolation

Professors, researchers, and students use TotalView because it delivers the leading HPC debugging tools as well as services that meet the unique requirements of higher education institutions.

Image Solution Education Debug HPC Code

Debug HPC Code

By using TotalView to ensure their HPC applications are highly reliable and using memory resources as effectively as possible, researchers, professors, and students can study and advance our understanding of disciplines, including:

  • Genomic research, to develop more effective cancer treatments using precision medicine.
  • Astrophysics, to better understand our universe using 2D and 3D simulations.
  • Meteorology, to model climate change, including causes that benefit — and hurt — life. 

Teach Debugging

HPC researchers and developers need to know how to debug their code. Many of our higher education customers use TotalView to teach HPC debugging because it can be used to: 

  • Step forward and backward through code execution to illustrate fault isolation, memory leak detection, and other critical skills.
  • Easily record debugging sessions for lessons.
  • Create debugging exercises by recording HPC application’s execution, including memory usage and thread context switches.
  • Save time for students since the TotalView GUI interface is so easy to use.  
  • Take advantage of complementary services that come with some licenses, such as training for HPC debugging instructors. 
Image Solution Education Teaching Debugging
Image Solution Education Learn HPC Code

Learn How HPC Code Works

When researchers, professors, and students at universities are new to an existing HPC project, they need to rapidly understand how the code works. With reverse debugging in TotalView, they can quickly gain the detailed insight needed to:

  • Understand HPC applications’ logic.
  • See how algorithms aggregate data and calculate equations.
  • Gain insight into code written in multiple languages including Python, C, and C++.
  • Debug MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA code to learn how to build complex applications.

Boost Collaboration

Most HPC developers at universities collaborate with teams at other sites and institutions, which involves sharing HPC resources and applications. When one university has a TotalView Educational Site license, it can:

  • Specify who can access TotalView, even if they work at a different site or institution, because the license is based on token usage.
  • Boost efficiency by avoiding slowdowns caused by multiple debugging tools or limits around who can debug code.

See how the Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing (HKHLR) uses TotalView to boost collaboration and advance research in higher education.


Image Solution Education Boost Collaboration
Image Solution Education Improve ROI

Improve ROI

Time is money — even in higher education. HPC researchers, professors, and students must efficiently utilize time on universities’ HPC clusters.

TotalView's easy-to-use interface and advanced features such as Reverse Connect enable efficient HPC debugging workflows, making it easier and faster to learn code and solve problems. In addition, TotalView provides educational site licenses and training packages to simplify TotalView adoption across your HPC facilities and affiliated educational sites.  

Contact us to learn more about TotalView Training Package.

Meet Budget Constraints

As non-profit organizations, higher education institutions have limited budgets. TotalView provides special licenses and discounts for global higher education institutions and students. Options include licenses based on the number of:

  • Users.
  • Desktops.
  • Departments.
  • Sites.
Image Solution Education Meeting Budget Constraints

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“By combining a leadership-grade commercial debugger with high-quality training workshops, Hesse’s scientists have become more aware of the importance of stable code in academic research. For HKHLR, this education is the top outcome of the TotalView project.” 

Dr. Sternel, General Manager,
Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing (HKHLR)

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