Parallel Applications Are Everywhere

Industries using parallel applications continuously see requests from different users with each request being serviced by a process or thread. As the number of users on a system grows, so does the number of threads and processes in use on the system. Many times, threads get created and destroyed, however, some applications have their threads and processes stick around. These long-running processes can cause major memory leaks and lead to rapid slowdowns and even crashes in a system.   

Finding Memory Leaks and Errors

Memory bugs are hard to track down because they are caused by a variety of situations cause them. It’s difficult to trace back to a specific line of code because it can take a long time to manifest. Luckily, there are solutions to help identify the root cause of these memory leaks and errors.

Read this white paper to learn more about classifying memory errors, detecting memory leaks, and how TotalView’s memory debugging feature can help your developers quickly and easily identify and resolve memory bugs in your parallel applications.