Our Story

For more than three decades, TotalView has provided the most advanced HPC debugging technologies for developing, managing, and scaling highly complex applications that run on the world's fastest supercomputers.

By using the TotalView HPC debugger, developers can save time and boost the performance and scale of their HPC applications by taking advantage of:

  • The most advanced GPUs, CPUs, and memory technologies.
  • Resources across clusters.
  • Tools for working on remote clusters in real time.
  • Applications written in multiple languages.

Today, TotalView is a part of Perforce Software, a global leader in end-to-end software tools that include development, lifecycle-management, version-control, and code-analysis technologies and services.

Read more about TotalView's historical milestones, including innovations and awards:



TotalView development begins as part of a BBN Advance Computing Inc. project to add a set of advanced and powerful windowed programming tools to its Butterfly parallel computers.



Following BBN ACI’s demise in the early 1990s, TotalView becames a part of BBN Laboratories and is ported to support many new platforms, including Sun, IBM, Cray, and DEC.

A Motif user interface replaces the original Xlib-based user interface.



Dolphin Interconnect Solutions acquires TotalView and the BBN ToolWorks group, which in 2000 was established as a wholly-owned business, Etnus LLC. Etnus was the sole supplier of vendor-neutral parallel-application debuggers for the UNIX and HPC markets.



TotalView receives Supercomputing Online's 2006 Editor's Choice Award. In awarding the honor, Supercomputing Online editors describe TotalView as:

“The world's most advanced debugger on Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X, TotalView enhances developer productivity by simplifying the process of debugging data-intensive, multi-process, multi-threaded, or network-distributed applications.”



Etnus relaunches the company as TotalView Technologies.

MemoryScape, TotalView’s memory debugging feature, receives Supercomputing Online's 2007 Editor's Choice Award.

“We cover hundreds of new high-performance computing products every year and we give the annual Product of the Year Award to those products that we feel are truly the best in the market,” said Chris O’Neal, editor-in-chief of Supercomputing Online. “We selected TotalView Technologies’ MemoryScape because of its unsurpassed power and ease of use. It is clear that MemoryScape was built from the ground up to be a parallel debugger.”



TotalView helps the Edu-Grid project win the 2008 Campus Technology Innovator Award in High Computing.

ReplayEngine, TotalView’s reverse debugging feature, receives Supercomputing Online's 2009 Product to Watch Award. 

TotalView supports the PlayStation 3 development environment running on the IBM Cell processor.



Rogue Wave Software acquires TotalView Technologies. Doing so adds industry-leading HPC analysis and debugging tools to the Rogue Wave portfolio of software development tools, components, and frameworks. 



TotalView supports IBM massive BlueGene/Q supercomputer. Tests show TotalView scaling to support more than 700,000 threads.

Collaborates with the community to launch the OpenMP debugging interface.

TotalView adds support for debugging CUDA on Linux-x86 and Linux-x86-64 platforms.



TotalView supports IBM Power8 (PowerLE) and NVIDIA GPU debugging.



A modern Qt-based interface replaces the Motif interface.



Rogue Wave Software, including the TotalView product line, is acquired by Perforce Software.

TotalView adds support for NVIDIA ARM/GPU debugging.