Identify and Resolve Difficult Memory Problems in C, C++, and Fortran

Improve your applications’ usability by eliminating memory leaks, out-of-bounds memory block overwrites, and improper memory-API use. With the MemoryScape memory debugger in TotalView, you can quickly detect memory errors in your HPC applications — and save time with capabilities that include:


An Easy to Use GUI

A dedicated, one-click-activated debugging workflow that even new HPC developers can use.

Real-Time Memory Insight

Alerts about memory usage, allocation violations, and leaks.

A Built-In Scripting Language

Makes batch-mode, memory-debugging testing easy and efficient.

Low Overhead

The MemoryScape memory debugger in TotalView requires minimal resources to run.

“MemoryScape has been very effective in uncovering the hidden, latent errors in our code. It finds problems that defy the regular testing methods, and it allows us to fix them proactively.”

Nick Monyatovsky, Dassault/3DS/SIMULIA
Software Engineer

Watch a Memory Debugging Session

Want to see how MemoryScape memory debugger works? Watch this five-minute video demonstration of how you can use it to analyze memory usage and detect memory errors.

Improve Memory Debugging With TotalView

Memory errors are often the cause of application issues, such as slow response times. That’ s because it’s often difficult to see how memory is allocated and used by different components.

TotalView's memory-debugging technology, MemoryScape, provides easy-to-use memory monitoring and memory debugging tools for efficiently managing your applications’ use of memory. With it, you gain:

Real-Time Insight, Alerts, and Reports

  • Memory usage
  • Memory leaks
  • Corrupted memory
  • Heap information
  • Block content
  • Memory event tracking
  • Irrelevant information filters

Comprehensive Memory Debugging Tools

  • Automated memory debugging with scripts
  • Ability to save and compare memory states
  • Memory debugging of MPI programs
  • Remote memory debugging

Finding Memory Leaks and Errors in Parallel Applications

Improve your understanding of memory issues and how to use MemoryScape to detect and resolve them by reading this white paper.

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