The Top HPC Debugger for Research Computing

Researchers need the most advanced HPC technologies to increase understanding and drive innovation in areas such as precision medicine, weather modeling, and astrophysics. 

Debugging cutting-edge HPC applications requires highly specialized and modern tools that support the latest hardware and software approaches. With TotalView, researchers gain:


The Leading HPC Debugger

Used by Department of Energy labs with the fastest supercomputers.


Consultative Support

Solve your challenges and define the future of HPC with responsive, collaborative help.

Tools for Tomorrow 

Frequent releases of cutting-edge HPC debugging capabilities.

Government Research Labs Save Time With TotalView

Leading labs including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory use TotalView for research computing.

Read why the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) researchers depend on TotalView to accelerate and simplify software debugging cycles.

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Setting — and Meeting — HPC Standards

Innovating is easier when groups use standardized technologies. 

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TotalView collaborates with the HPC community to:

  • Establish standards, such as OpenMP.
  • Define advanced GPU debugging techniques.
  • Support advanced debugging on LLNL’s CORAL, Sierra, and CORAL II systems.
  • Provide tools for debugging complex mixed language C/C++ and Python applications.

We also evolve products to comply with existing and emerging standards, such as DWARF Debugging.

Read about the DWARF Debugging Standard and how researchers use TotalView to adopt the more modern, Split DWARF approach.

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