Improving and Simplifying High Performance Computing in Power and Energy Systems

Oil and gas modeling software is rapidly growing in size and complexity to take advantage of clusters' CPUs and GPUs. Developing and debugging these applications — which often have hundreds of millions of lines of code plus a complex web of shared libraries, arrays, threads, and processes — can be challenging, unless you have TotalView.

Industry developers can expedite digital gas and oil exploration by using TotalView to: 


Accelerate Data Analysis

Boost HPC applications’ accuracy and uptime.

Improve Object Visualization 

Increase 1D-, 2D-, and 3D-object insight by analyzing arrays.


Speed HPC Debugging

Establish interactive debugging sessions on complex HPC architectures — faster.

Accelerate Data Analysis 

Finding gas and oil deposits in less time is possible with fast, highly reliable HPC applications. Speed development cycles, boost response times, and reduce downtime by using TotalView. With it you can:

  • Quickly analyze code to pinpoint data and logic errors and identify areas for optimization in highly complex HPC applications.
  • Easily view the state of your entire job and examine data in any process to verify accuracy — even in massively parallel and scalable applications.
  • Easily debug MPI, OpenMP, and CUDA code running on CPUs and GPUs across clusters.
Image Solution Oil Gas Accelerate Data Analysis
Image Solution Oil Gas Improve Visualization

Improve Object Visualization 

Developing and managing 2D- and 3D- objects, models, and simulations involves added complexity, including multidimensional array management. 

With TotalView, you can easily view, slice, and filter your arrays — and view comprehensive statistics about arrays — so you can create the visualizations needed to expedite gas and oil discovery.

Speed HPC Debugging

With TotalView, you can easily establish interactive debugging connections even on complex, multi-tiered architectures. That's because when jobs run, the built-in Reverse Connect capability automatically connects the backend job with the TotalView user interface, so no lengthy, manual management is required.

Image Solution Oil Gas Speed Debugging

OpenGEOSolutions Reduces Development Time by Months Using TotalView

Geoscientists at OpenGEOSolutions use TotalView to launch new applications faster, increase response times, and improve code quality.

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