Developers Rely on Debuggers

Python extensions make it easy to combine Python and C / C++, yet doing so creates a more complex application. Understanding and debugging the interdependencies and data exchange between language barriers in a mixed-language application is a real challenge for developers. Developers rely on debuggers and dynamic analysis tools to understand how their program runs, but understanding the calls across language barriers and the flow of data between them creates a challenging debugging situation. Few debuggers provide a seamless solution for debugging C / C++ and Python code together.

A Fast and Convenient Way to Debug Your Python and C / C++ Application

TotalView supports debugging Python applications that use C / C++ extensions, allowing you to easily set up your debug session, examine the data exchange between the language barriers, and debug the C / C++ code. 

Learn more in this white paper about the technologies available for creating mixed Python and C / C++ applications, what code debugging techniques are available for developers to understand the interactions between language barriers, and how data is exchanged between the layers.