Rogue Wave and Cray Inc. Expand Strategic Alliance

Leading Rogue Wave Products Now Available Direct From Cray

Rogue Wave Software, the largest independent provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components for the next generation of High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, has announced the launch of a distribution agreement as part of a longstanding alliance with Cray. The new agreement enables Cray to directly offer Rogue Wave's leading debugger, TotalView, and optimization tool, ThreadSpotter, to customers around the world. This expanded alliance advances Rogue Wave's position as a leading provider of advanced software development tools for high-performance, parallel applications.

“At Cray, we continually strive to find additional value for our customers, and developer productivity is not only critical, but an area in which Rogue Wave excels,” stated Peg Williams, Cray's Senior Vice President of High Performance Computing Systems. “TotalView's unique capabilities, like asynchronous thread control and ReplayEngine's reverse debugging, have a proven track record of helping developers quickly and efficiently push applications on Cray supercomputers to new scientific bounds.”

“With twenty-two of the fastest twenty-five Cray supercomputers on last year's TOP500® list having a TotalView debugger license, Cray and Rogue Wave are natural partners,” stated Brian Pierce, CEO of Rogue Wave Software. “For years, Rogue Wave has been committed to providing products with features specific to Cray platforms and we are excited that this strategic agreement strengthens our position to better serve leading commercial and HPC organizations that use Cray supercomputers. Thanks to this expanded agreement, more developers will be able to benefit from Rogue Wave's fully-tested, optimized, and integrated software tools for their Cray supercomputers.”

Rogue Wave's development tools and embedded components are designed to help users create error-free applications and optimize memory, processors, and threads in order to maximize the computational power of Cray systems. TotalView is a scalable and intuitive debugger for parallel applications written in C, C++, and Fortran. Designed to improve developer productivity, TotalView simplifies and shortens the process of developing, debugging, and optimizing complex applications. ThreadSpotter is a memory optimization tool that analyzes cache memory and thread communication in single and multicore systems. By pinpointing performance issues and providing specific guidance on how to correct them, ThreadSpotter increases program performance and improves developer productivity.

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