HP Selects TotalView as the Pre-Installed Debugger for Second Version GPU Starter Kit

TotalView's Industry Leading Debugger Simplifies Software Development for Users of HP's GPU Starter Kit

Rogue Wave Software, the largest independent provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components for the next generation of HPC/High Performance Computing applications, announced that its TotalView debugger is pre-installed as part of HP's second-generation GPU Starter Kit.

With GPU accelerated clusters being increasingly deployed at the top 500 HPC sites and large industrial users continually requiring accelerated cluster solutions for their demanding applications, engineers need a dedicated development platform to provide software that will run on this new generation of systems. Having recognized this trend, HP and Rogue Wave understand that developers need small inexpensive systems that still have the key software and hardware characteristics of large GPU accelerated clusters. Available on a smaller scale, the second version of HP's GPU Starter Kit is designed to enable organizations to move quickly and at a low cost into supercomputing with parallel processing on GPUs. As part of HP's multi-core optimization program, Rogue Wave was in a key position to provide TotalView as a pre-installed debugger on the second version of the GPU Starter Kit. Developers can easily activate their extended evaluation license to develop the next generation of CUDA software.

“HP's decision to include Rogue Wave's TotalView as the only scalable debugger on its GPU Starter Kit speaks to the critical role that TotalView plays in GPU/HPC computing,” stated Scott Lasica, VP Products & Alliances with Rogue Wave. “Purchasers of this kit will be performing complex computations and will need to debug their applications across all the cores and GPU cards simultaneously. With TotalView pre-installed on the Kit, developers will have the opportunity to perform a risk-free evaluation of the debugger on the full scale of the machine to ensure it meets their needs.”

Designed for developer productivity, TotalView simplifies and shortens the process of developing, debugging, and optimizing complex code. It provides a unique combination of capabilities for pinpointing and fixing hard-to-reproduce bugs, memory leaks, and performance issues related to GPU development. The most recent version of TotalView has several additional features at no extra cost, including debugging for CUDA and dynamic reverse debugging, which allows users to pause, rewind and playback the sessions to accurately pinpoint and fix bugs. Developers moving into the supercomputing arena with the second version of HP's GPU Starter Kit can easily navigate complex code structures thanks to TotalView's powerful data visualization features.

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