TotalView’s latest 2024.1 release expands its current macOS and Linux remote client debugging capabilities with a new Windows remote client. In this webinar, Bill Burns will guide you through how to easily set up and establish a remote debugging session to debug a GPU application with the TotalView Remote Client. The debugging session will also highlight some of TotalView’s latest new features including:

  • Techniques to debug and visualize array data with TotalView’s Array View
  • Debugging difficult instruction level bugs using TotalView’s Assembly View and Register View
  • Using Reprise Licensing technology  

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Video Tutorial on Remote Debugging

Image Author Bill Burns

Bill Burns

Vice President of Software Engineering & Product Manager

Helping developers quickly find and fix tough issues in their code so that they can create great applications is what the TotalView group at Perforce is dedicated in doing. I’m passionate about listening to the customers' needs and working with my team of talented engineers to find great solutions for helping fellow developers accelerate their development of great code.