TotalView is proud to work with some of the best partners in our industry to deliver outstanding integrated solutions to our joint customers. Our goal is to assist our customers with implementing integrated solutions, and that means tight working with relationships with a range of partners.


As the software industry moves toward a hybrid computing model to meet the increasing demands for higher performance, TotalView is keeping pace by providing support for GPU parallel processors, specifically for CUDA, NVIDIA's parallel computing architecture. NVIDIA calls attention to the entire software ecosystem that has developed around the CUDA architecture—software applications, libraries, programming language solutions, and service providers.

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Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

With twenty-two of the fastest twenty-five Cray supercomputers on the 2013 TOP500® list having a TotalView debugger license, Cray and Perforce are natural partners.  Many Cray customers utilize TotalView to debug software on their systems, as well as the IMSL Numerical Libraries to implement advanced mathematics and statistics capabilities. TotalView and ReplayEngine are certified on the latest Gemini interconnect. Cray also uses NVIDIA processors, which TotalView supports.

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The most recent product support for HP-UX comes from the TotalView debugger, providing advanced scalability and parallel debugging capabilities. Rogue Wave's products also support HP's x86 and NVidia® GPU hybrid systems such as the ProLiant SL390 series. Together we have joint customers using TotalView, IMSL, SourcePro and other HPC products on HP servers at massive scale.

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IBM has a strong supercomputing offering, and TotalView has supported their environments in many capacities. TotalView has supported Blue Gene/L, Blue Gene/P and will support Blue Gene/Q when generally available. TotalView also supports IBM's x86 based hardware.

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Undo's technology is used by engineering teams building complex systems to resolve their software bugs faster, accelerate software delivery, and reduce engineering costs. TotalView supports Undo's LiveRecorder which allows you to accelerates software defect detection and resolution by recording and replaying the execution of your software.


Dell Technologies

With Dell’s extensive portfolio, years of experience and validated designs for HPC, Dell and TotalView are uniquely positioned to provide a complete solution for customers needing high-performance hardware and advanced debugging software. Together Dell and TotalView are expanding the boundaries of HPC solutions designed to help you solve complex problems faster than ever.



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